deen Coblitzallee 1-9, 68163 Mannheim
deen Coblitzallee 1-9, 68163 Mannheim


SAISON 2012/13

Started with the vision of becoming a part of the mobility of the future

The history of the project CURE began in 2012 with the dream of the course of Project Engineering to build an innovative electric car and compete with other teams in international Formula Student events. Despite the high motivation of the team, unfortunately it was not possible to bring a racing car on the track. All beginnings are difficult …

Saison 2013/14 bis 2015/16

In the following years a breakthrough was long in coming.

In the years after the foundation the motivation did not fade away. Within the framework of student research projects, ambitious students of the technical faculty developed and bought components for the drive of the vehicle and documented their progress. All these small advances slowly but surely completed the overall concept. The goal was within reach. Now only one team was needed to assemble the individual pieces of the puzzle and bring the first vehicle onto the track …

SAISON 2016/17

The Breakthrough – The Project CURE at its First Event

After many years of preparatory work, the time had finally come in mid-2017 for the project CURE to build its first vehicle after an enormous effort by the team. This was completed in the last moment at the Formula Student Event in Italy in several night shifts. Despite the fact that CURE was not allowed to start due to the delays at the event, one thing was clear: this was only the beginning of a glorious future. The project had not previously been expected to have such potential. The team learned a lot and took this knowledge with them into the future …

SAISON 2017/18

Continuous improvement and professionalisation led to the next vehicle

In the development of the second racing car, both new technologies and new colour accents were introduced. The CURE project now had a solid basis and consisted of a wide range of business and technology courses to meet the demands of a complex project. Furthermore, the registered association CURE Mannheim e.V. increasingly networked with regional manufacturing partners and sponsors in order to be able to make even greater use of synergies. The still short history of the association on the international stage had only just begun …

SAISON 2018/19

2019 a historic year for CURE!

After several years of continuous development, CURE set a new milestone in the history of the association in 2019. After the CM-17e (Natascha) and CM-18e (Gudrun) unfortunately never passed the technical scrutineering of the Formula Student, the team managed to pass all scrutineering and to participate in all dynamic disciplines with the CM-19e (Carmen). We celebrated this special success in Italy, the place where it all began… 

Big things are about to happen! Facing the challenges of the new regulations for FSG 2021, CURE will modify the CM-19e to be able to compete in the coming season with a driverless vehicle in addition to the electric car. Be curious!