deen Coblitzallee 1-9, 68163 Mannheim
deen Coblitzallee 1-9, 68163 Mannheim
We introduce ourselves

Team Suspension

Team Leader: Klaas Karsten

We are CURE for seeing and touching.

Our Mission

We develop the suspension of our car. While the work of the other teams is rather hidden under the chassis, our work is tangible. In the various assemblies we take care of the wheel set including the tires, the rims, the wheel hub, the wheel carrier, the brake and spring damper system, the steering, the wishbones and the stabilizer.

We also look at the kinematics of the suspension and design the dimensions of the individual components based on the theory. For this purpose we make an exact calculation of the stretching conditions. First, the whole technic team works on a overall plan. After, we design an exact drawing of the components.

Our strength is the mechanic. When designing our components we have to calculate forces and include them in our CAD development. Therefore, we validate our calculations by simulations in with finite elemente analysis. In the end, we manufacture the parts ourselves in the workshop of our university or in cooperation with our partners. Finally, the parts are assembled on the car.

Become a part of our team!

You are studying at the DHBW Mannheim?

Do you have a technical interest and enjoy designing, developing and screwing?

Would you like to work in a team with motivated people to ensure that our tiers roll?

Have we aroused your curiosity, you want to learn more and be part of it?

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