deen Coblitzallee 1-9, 68163 Mannheim
deen Coblitzallee 1-9, 68163 Mannheim
We introduce ourselves

Team Powertrain

Team Leader: Ron Buchholz

We create the power.

Our Mission

We as Team Powertrain turn the soapbox into a racecar. Our mission is to convert the power from our accumulator into a lot of rpm and torque. Also as efficiently as possible. We configure the dimension of our central components such as motor, gearbox, inverter. In the next step we design a lightweight solution for their cooling and connection to the chassis. 

The cooling circuit ensures that our inverters and motors do not overheat and that the heat is dissipated. A large part of the car’s electronics is installed in the eBox, including the engine control unit, the data logger and the telemetry. The drive components need a connection to the chassis that is as strong, reliable and as light as possible. These connections have to withstand high forces and are developed completely by us. In the first step we develop a concept for the central components. In the second step we design and simulate different approaches for their connection and cooling. Appropriate materials and manufacturing methods are selected in the same process. The power electronics are configured and parameterised by us for optimum control of slip and torque distribution. We aim not only the highest acceleration, but also the maximum curve speed. We not only aim for the highest acceleration, but also the maximum cornering speed.

FEM and CFD simulations are carried out to optimise the components. We optimize our parts for minimum weight mostly by optimizing the part topology. Together we look for manufacturing partners and conclude cooperation agreements. Some parts are also manufactured in the workshop by our team. Before the competition events in summer, the assembly and tests of the components takes place. The test drive of the racing car provides direct feedback on the development.

Become a part of our team!

Do you study at the DHBW Mannheim?

Do you like technical challenges and have fun in the design, development and work on a racecar?

Are you curious for working in a team of motivated people to make sure that our car has full power?

Did we spark your curiosity? If you would like to find out more and are interested in participating in the Powertrain, then please contact Ron directly at