deen Coblitzallee 1-9, 68163 Mannheim
deen Coblitzallee 1-9, 68163 Mannheim

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We introduce ourselves

Team Manufacturing

Team Leader : Lukas Beierl


Our task

In our racing team we are the competence center for all manufacturing-related topics. We are the number one contact for all questions about manufacturing processes, innovative manufacturing alternatives and the manufacturability of components. Over the course of each season, our goal is to expand our manufacturing know-how and make manufacturing processes safer, as well as to increase manufacturing quality.The Manufacturing Team is also responsible for coordinating the production of our racing car.
During the design phase, our team works closely with the designers from all sub-teams to ensure that the design is suitable for production. The focus here is on producibility and economy.

As soon as the constructions are finalized, we decide between the internal production in our workshop and the external production. If we decide to produce parts external, we approach these partners. We work with small handicraft companies, medium-sized companies and large corporations. These partners support us with their know-how, manufacturing capacity and their network. If our team decides for internal production, we will plan and manufacture the component in our workshop. 
Another Task is the CURE responsibility of our workshop area. After consultation, we have access to the university’s machinery and can use conventional manufacturing machines such as lathes, milling machines, and drilling machines. We also have future-oriented manufacturing processes such as FDM and SLS 3D printing. 

Become part of our team

Would you like to experience the construction of a racing car up close?

Would you like to be responsible for the timely production and the required high quality of our components?

Are you interested in communicating with external industrial partners?… Then become part of a dedicated team, an extraordinary time and many great experiences!

If you are interested, please contact Lukas Beierl via

We look forward to hear from you!